A landscape reflects the values and needs of those who live within it by what and how they build.  I fixate on industrial forms and structures and how these then represent a complex relationship with resources and land use.  From maps to sites of construction and manufacture, our understanding of, and interaction with our world is mediated through that which we build for ourselves.  

    Mapping and land mass are direct inspirations for the forms I am making.  I am intrigued by the way maps reorient and simplify an otherwise massive amount of information.  However small or expansive, there is some level of distortion that occurs in this translation to a visual language.  The surfaces of my work are both precise and chaotic as pattern meets the unpredictable flow of glaze.  I enhance surface depth and contrast through the use of digital media and post-fire surfacing treatments.  In this way, structure and form are distilled into pattern and color then rearranged to create abstract, vibrant work. 

    Although an undercurrent of anxiety runs throughout my work it is not a heavy-hearted pursuit.  I am attracted to the visual presence of infrastructure, especially in contrast to native features.  I am curious about how the visual impact of simple, economical structures like these shapes a place psychologically as well as visually.  Straddling anxiety and wonder, my work is a response to a conflicted attraction to the visual qualities of a modern landscape.